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album by Sirenia

An Elixir for Existence

Release Date 23 Feb 2004
Released17 years ago
Performer Sirenia
An Elixir for Existence
An Elixir for Existence
Sirenia - Gothic metal band

About An Elixir for Existence

An Elixir for Existence is the second studio album by the Norwegian gothic metal band Sirenia, released in 2004. The album follows in the same vein as the previous At Sixes and Sevens, but includes a new female vocalist, Henriette Bordvik.A large number of the songs are concerned with mental conditions, be it depression ("Voices Within"), drug use ("Euphoria") or thoughts of suicide ("The Fall Within"); of course, the meanings of all of these songs are subject to further conjecture.

Extra Info

Genre heavy metal music
Producer Morten Veland
Record label Napalm Records
Follows At Sixes and Sevens
Followed by Sirenian Shores