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album by Yoko Ono

Approximately Infinite Universe

Release Date 1973
Released48 years (approx) ago
Performer Yoko Ono
Approximately Infinite Universe
Approximately Infinite Universe
'War Is Over! (if you want it) Yoko Ono' exhibition - Sydney, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

About Approximately Infinite Universe

Approximately Infinite Universe is a double album by Yoko Ono, released in early 1973 on Apple Records. It represents a departure from the experimental avant garde rock of her first two albums towards a more conventional pop/rock sound, while also dabbling in feminist rock. It peaked at number 193 in the United States. The 1997 CD reissue on Rykodisc added two acoustic demos of songs from this era, that were later released on 1981's Season of Glass. It was released again by Rykodisc in 2007.The album was recorded at The Record Plant in New York City, except for the basic tracks for "Catman" and "Winter Song", which were taped at Butterfly Studios. Ono produced the album with John Lennon, whose participation marked a rare music-related activity for him after the failure of the couple's politically themed Some Time in New York City. Lennon also sang the final verse of the song, "I Want My Love to Rest Tonight." As on the latter album, Ono used the New York band Elephant's Memory as her backing musicians. Mick Jagger dropped into the studio for some of the sessions. He recalled playing guitar very loudly with Lennon. Jagger also said that Ono "was really trying to sing properly. She's not screaming, she's really trying to sing."

Extra Info

Genre protopunk
Producer Yoko Ono
Record label Apple Records
Follows Some Time in New York City
Followed by Feeling the Space