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Aqua album


Release Date 26 Mar 1997
Released23 years, 6 months ago
Performer Aqua
Aqua at the Gron Concert in 2008

About Aquarium

Aquarium is the debut studio album by Danish-Norwegian band Aqua. The album was released in Scandinavia on 26 March 1997 and in the United States on 9 September 1997. Although the group had been together for three years under their original name Joyspeed, their only release under that name was a single called "Itzy Bitsy Spider". The album is best known for including the successful singles "Barbie Girl", "Doctor Jones" and "Turn Back Time", the first of those being a huge hit across the globe. (The album was preceded by the two singles "Roses Are Red" and "My Oh My", with the latter re-released in 1998.) The album's third single, "Barbie Girl" brought the group to international attention after reaching number one in both Denmark and Norway, as well as across Europe and in Australia and New Zealand. It would later peak at number 7 in the US. Its success helped the album reach number one in both the group's home countries, and make the top 10 in the UK and US. While not selling as highly "Barbie Girl", the album's fourth single "Doctor Jones" was released in late 1997/early 1998 and became a number one in Denmark, Norway, Australia and the UK. "Turn Back Time" would later give the group their third consecutive number one single in the UK, despite only reaching number 16 in Denmark. The final single, "Good Morning Sunshine" failed to chart highly and was only released in select regions like the earlier "Lollipop (Candyman)", the group's only other song to chart in the US. The album has sold 14 million copies worldwide.

Extra Info

Genre Eurodance
Record label Universal Music Group
Followed by Aquarius