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Barrel Full of Monkees

Release Date 1971
Released49 years (approx) ago

About Barrel Full of Monkees

Barrel Full of Monkees (SCOS-1001) is a compilation album of songs by The Monkees, released in 1971 by Colgems Records, and was the last LP issued by the label. The double (two-disc) album was produced and marketed for children in the wake of the success of the Monkees's television show being rebroadcast on Saturday mornings by CBS. The collection did not sell well. While being a Colgems release, BFoM was really part of a mid-priced RCA 2-LP series called the "This Is..." series. Popular RCA artists such as Chet Atkins, Harry Belafonte and Perry Como had discs in the series and the RCA LP releases carried a VPS prefix and listed for $5.98 which was the list price for "full line" single LP records at the time. The Monkees' double set also listed for $5.98 and carried a then new "SCOS" prefix and new numbering series "1001" making it unrelated to any other previous Colgems issue or pricing series. The 20-song collection included 13 of the 14 tracks found on The Monkees' first Greatest Hits compilation (COS-115), the missing exception being "Zor and Zam". The collection was deleted with the closing of Colgems, and the next Monkees compilation, Re-Focus, was issued by Colgems's successor, Bell Records.

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