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album by Miquel Brown

Close to Perfection

Release Date 1985
Released33 years (approx) ago
Performer Miquel Brown

About Close to Perfection

Close to Perfection is a 1985 Hi-NRG album by Miquel Brown, produced by Ian Levine and Fiachra Trench. The album includes the single "Close to Perfection" and the hard rock-influenced "Black Leather." Others Singles was released from the album "One Way Street" & "Love Reputation" both getting extended club mixes, The album has been issued on CD 3 times 1991 (USA)& 1995(UK) and 2014 (UK) As part of a two cd set featuring remixes and rarities From MANPOWER & Close TO Perfection Albums featuring sleeve notes and new interviews with Ian Levine .

Extra Info

Genre Hi-NRG
Follows Manpower