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compilation album

Daydream Believer & Other Hits

Performer The Monkees
Daydream Believer & Other Hits
Daydream Believer & Other Hits
Tork and Noone in concert

About Daydream Believer & Other Hits

Daydream Believer and Other Hits is a budget-price Monkees compilation released in 1998. It contained 10 of The Monkees' greatest hits, plus lesser-known classics. The album did not include any material from the 1980s or 1990s reunions, focusing strictly on the band's 1960s output. The contents of this release include both sides to the "Pleasant Valley Sunday", "Valleri" and "D.W. Washburn" 45 singles, as well as the A-sides of the "Daydream Believer", "Good Clean Fun" and "Oh, My, My" 7" single releases. "You Can't Tie a Mustang Down" is a bubblegum rocker that makes its debut here. The track was recorded during the "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You" sessions in January 1967, their last with music supervisor Don Kirshner. By the time these later singles were issued, most of the album mixes were also used on the 45 singles. There are a few differences, however. The most obvious are on "Pleasant Valley Sunday", "Tapioca Tundra" and the title track, "Daydream Believer". In these cases, subtle yet significant alterations can be heard - evident mainly on the vocals, as they were usually cut long after the instrumental backing tracks. While its companion I'm a Believer & Other Hits remained in print for several years, Daydream Believer and Other Hits was deleted from Flashback's catalog not long after it was released.

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Record label Rhino Entertainment
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