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album by Donny Osmond

Donny Osmond

Release Date 1989
Released31 years (approx) ago
Performer Donny Osmond
Donny Osmond
Donny Osmond
"The Osmonds" arrive at Schiphol Airport (The Netherland), 3 November 1973. Front left: Donny Osmond

About Donny Osmond

Donny Osmond is the tenth album released by Donny Osmond. It was released on Capitol Records on April 25, 1989 and was his first studio album since Donald Clark Osmond in 1977. It is notable for featuring the number 2 smash hit, "Soldier of Love", which Randall Popken, Alice Newsome and Lanell Gonzales called "a faintly suggestive tune set to a post-disco beat." It was released as a tune by a "mystery singer", as Osmond's promoter feared that no one would buy the album if the singer was revealed. The album is also notable for featuring five songs that Osmond co-wrote, and for Osmond also handling drum programming and keyboards on several tracks. In addition to "Soldier of Love," it featured four other charting singles: "Sacred Emotion" (another big radio hit), "Hold On," "I'll Be Good to You," and "If It's Love That You Want." Another single, "I'm In It For Love," featured only as a bonus track on some copies of the compact disc, had become a minor UK hit prior to the success of "Soldier of Love."

Extra Info

Genre rock music
Producer Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers
Record label Capitol Records
Follows Donald Clark Osmond
Followed by Eyes Don't Lie