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1968 studio album by Dusty Springfield

Dusty… Definitely

Release Date 22 Nov 1968
Released52 years, 3 months ago
Performer Dusty Springfield
Dusty… Definitely
Dusty… Definitely
Trade ad for Dusty Springfield's single "Give Me Time".To better adapt it to his respective Wikipedia article, the ad was cropped and cleaned in a graphics editing program. The original can be viewed at the source below.

About Dusty… Definitely

Dusty... Definitely is the fourth studio album by singer Dusty Springfield, recorded and released in the UK in 1968. Production credits go to both John Franz, and for the first time, Springfield herself. The songs on this album were chosen because Springfield "liked them", as stated in the liner notes. Like the vast majority of her LPs, the album shows a diverse range of styles ranging from soul ("Take Another Little Piece of my Heart"), pop ("This Girl's in Love With You"), folk ("Morning (Bom Dia)") to lounge ("Who (Will Take my Place?)"). The two sides of the album reflected very different moods: the first side was packed with fast-paced, louder numbers, while the second side was more mellow, which Springfield suggested would be suitable for listening to at night. The album was a moderate success and eventually entered the UK album's charts in the week ending 21st December 1968 debuting at No.38 and peaking at No.30 the following week and stayed at No.30 for two weeks until eventually dropping 10 places to No.40 the following week but then rose again to No.36 the following week which remained at No.36 for two weeks and then left the charts. Meaning it stayed in the charts for six weeks. This may have been in part with the fact that her top 10 single 'Son Of A Preacher Man was in the charts at the same time and was being promoted by Dusty in the US and other European countries. However it got to No.8 on the NME year end charts for best albums of 1968. In 1968, Springfield entered into a contract with Atlantic Records for the United States, which meant that the singer had a different record label for each side of the Atlantic (previously she had been signed to Philips both in the UK and the USA). Springfield's new contract allowed Philips in the UK to release American recordings and Atlantic in the USA to release British recordings. This was the first LP to be covered by this agreement. Atlantic was, however, reluctant to release any British recordings on their label; thus, the album was never released in the States. Tracks from this album were finally released in the USA in 1999 (the year of Springfield's death) on the Rhino Records compilation Dusty in London. In the UK Dusty... Definitely was first released to CD by Philips Records/PolyGram in the early 1990s and in 2001 Mercury Records/Universal Music Group re-released a digitally remastered edition with four bonus tracks.

Extra Info

Genre pop music
Record label Philips Records