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album by Paul Kelly

Foggy Highway

Release Date 2005
Released15 years (approx) ago
Performer Paul Kelly
Foggy Highway
Foggy Highway
At the filming of the support clip for the song 'Still Here'

About Foggy Highway

Foggy Highway is an album recorded by Paul Kelly and the Stormwater Boys and originally released in May 2005 on EMI in Australia and Capitol Records in the US. It peaked at #6 on the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) End of Year - 2005 Country chart. On 18 October 2005 it was re-released by Cooking Vinyl and included a four track bonus disc. In October 2010, the May 2005 version of Foggy Highway was listed in the book, 100 Best Australian Albums at No. 66, with Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls' album, Gossip (1986) at No. 7.The album is similar in nature to Kelly's earlier album Smoke in that the songs were a mixture of new songs in addition to songs Kelly had recorded on previous albums, all performed here in a folk/bluegrass style. The songs to appear on previous albums were "Rally Round the Drum" and "Ghost Town" (appearing on Hidden Things), "Don't Stand So Close to the Window" (appearing on Under the Sun), "Foggy Highway" (appearing on Live, May 1992), and "Cities of Texas" (appearing on So Much Water So Close to Home).

Extra Info

Record label EMI Records
Follows Ways & Means
Followed by Stolen Apples