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compilation album by Creed

Greatest Hits

Release Date 22 Nov 2004
Released16 years, 3 months ago
Performer Creed
Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits
Photo of Brian Marshall taken by Austin Hargrave. Copyright owned by Alter Bridge.

About Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits is a greatest hits compilation album by American rock band Creed. It was released in 2004, soon after the announcement that the band had broken up, and that lead singer Scott Stapp and the other members of the band would go their separate ways (although the band has since reunited). It consists of every one of their U.S. singles, and only leaves out their international single, "Hide". The album also includes a DVD that contains all of the band's music videos and several live performances. On November 19, 2008 the album was certified 2x Platinum by the RIAA, and by early 2010 the album had sold 2,151,058 copies in the U.S.

Extra Info

Record label Wind-up Records
Follows Weathered
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