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2004 greatest hits album by Robbie Williams

Greatest Hits

Release Date 18 Oct 2004
Released16 years ago
Performer Robbie Williams
Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits
Robbie Williams wykonujący utwór „Bohemian Rhapsody” grupy Queen podczas koncertu w Krakowie w 17 kwietnia 2015 roku.

About Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits is a hits compilation released by British singer-songwriter Robbie Williams on 18 October 2004. The album includes two new songs, these being "Radio" and "Misunderstood", which were both released as singles. The album is his seventh overall released in the United Kingdom. Greatest Hits was one of the fastest selling albums upon release in the UK, where it debuted at the number-one spot with first week sales of over 320,000 copies. Certain versions of the album feature a picture of Williams in a pose exposing his pubic hair on the cover, and in the booklet is the Latin phase " quid habet mammas vel rotas, res habebis difficiles aliquando", translating into "if it has tits or wheels, it makes life difficult." A special edition box set, containing all of Williams' singles, was released on the same day.

Extra Info

Genre pop music
Record label EMI