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2003 compilation album by Talk Talk

Introducing... Talk Talk

Release Date 28 Jul 2003
Released18 years, 1 month ago
Performer Talk Talk

About Introducing... Talk Talk

Introducing ... Talk Talk is a compilation album by Talk Talk released in 2003 (one of many "best of" albums of the band released by coincidence the same year). Introducing ... Talk Talk is slightly different from the other "best of" albums by the band in that it doesn't include any of the band's hits. The first five tracks come from the 1982–1984 period, including a piano version of "Call in the Night Boy", B-side to a non-album A-side in 1983. Whilst the remaining seven tracks cover 1986–1988, the EMI era of the band's more experimental phase, most songs in this part of the album are drawn from The Colour of Spring and Spirit of Eden. Nothing post-1988 is featured, as EMI, who released the album, couldn't collect material from Laughing Stock or Missing Pieces, both recorded over 1990–1991, or the live album London 1986, released by Pond Life in 1999.

Extra Info

Genre art rock
Follows Missing Pieces