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1973 album by Olivia Newton-John

Let Me Be There

Release Date 1973
Released47 years (approx) ago
Performer Olivia Newton-John
Let Me Be There
Let Me Be There
Olivia Newton-John at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival.

About Let Me Be There

Let Me Be There is the third studio album by Australian singer Olivia Newton-John. It was originally released on 20 March 1973 as Music Makes My Day in the United Kingdom, by Pye International Records, and shortly after in Australia as Let Me Be There, which became its most recognizable name. In the United States and Canada, Let Me Be There was released with an alternative tracklist, combining songs from the original release with other tracks from Newton-John's previous albums If Not for You and Olivia. Let Me Be There marked a shift on Newton-John's career. She achieved a considerable success during her early years in the United Kingdom with some folk-inspired singles, but Let Me Be There would make the United States her largest market at the time, being considered her breakthrough album in this country and influencing an inclination to a more country pop sound that would define most of her next records in the 1970s. The songs "Take Me Home, Country Roads" and "Let Me Be There" were released as singles from the album.

Extra Info

Genre pop music
Record label Festival Records
Follows Olivia
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