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Listen to the Band (album)

Release Date 24 Sep 1991
Released29 years, 5 months ago
Performer The Monkees
Listen to the Band (album)
Listen to the Band (album)
Photo of The Monkees from a 1967 trade ad.

About Listen to the Band (album)

Listen to the Band is the first of two box sets of the Monkees issued by Rhino Records (it was superseded in 2001 by Music Box) in 1991 to commemorate the group's 25th anniversary. The box set consisted of 4 CDs covering the years 1966 to 1987, a 30-page LP-sized book featuring interviews with all four Monkees, their songwriters and producers, and a full-color poster of Monkees memorabilia. Most of the tracks were remixed from the original multitrack tapes. In most cases, these remixes are exclusive to this set.

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