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album by Paul Kelly


Release Date 1981
Released39 years (approx) ago
Performer Paul Kelly
PaulKellyLongBay - photo taken and uploaded by Paul Moss, Photographer, Artist, Paul Moss Photographer Artist NZ Paul Moss has supplied further information on the creation of this image in response to my questions via email: 1) Were you involved in making the video of PK&tCG's performance at Long Bay Gaol? 2) Were you an employee of Stuart Coupe or Paul Kelly Management in 1985? 3) Was the photo taken from a TV program/VHS tape, if so which? 4) How was the image released into the public domain? 5) Is there a clearer print of the scene? Answers from Paul Moss: 1/ YES. I was the only video-grapher, the footage was made on my own equipment, at my own cost. (Sony HVC4000P and F1) 2/ I was asked to make the video by and for Stuart Coupe, while he was PK manager. 3/ The photo was taken from my original video tape, it was sony betamax format, by me. I took a 35mm film photo of the screen in 1987, played directly, and subsequently scanned the print. 4/ I uploaded the file to Wikipedia, I claimed the right to release the image. 5/ I don't know if the vhs copy is still existant, but if it is I could make a clearer copy. I could certainly make a new file without the text on it. I thank Paul Moss for supplying this additional information.shaidar cuebiyar (talk) 08:40, 12 May 2010 (UTC) Recent Documentary played on ABC Television. On demand here: My Long Bay Jail Footage (Dec 24th 1986) was requested for this doco, but no one could find a copy.. Paul Kelly - Stories of Me charts the remarkable life of one of Australia's most gifted and beloved singer-songwriters. ABC TV /

About Manila

Manila is the second album by Australian rock group Paul Kelly and the Dots and was originally released in August 1982 by Mushroom Records and re-released in 1990. The group travelled to the Philippine capital to record Manila during July and August 1981 with Kelly and Chris Thompson producing. Line-up changes and Kelly having his jaw broken in an assault had delayed the album's release by a year. The album contains the singles, "Clean this House", and "Alive and Well" but neither album nor singles had any chart success. All tracks were written, or co-written, by Kelly, including two with guitarist Chris Langman.

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Record label Mushroom Records
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