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compilation album

Missing Links Volume Three

Release Date 1996
Released24 years (approx) ago

About Missing Links Volume Three

Missing Links Volume Three is a compilation album of rare and previously unreleased songs by The Monkees, issued by Rhino Records in 1996. It is the third and final volume of a three-volume set, preceded by Missing Links in 1987 and Missing Links Volume Two in 1990. While many of the tracks had been featured in the Monkees' television series, only six of the tracks had ever been issued commercially: "Steam Engine" and "Love to Love" had first appeared on the Australian compilation Monkeemania (40 Timeless Hits) in 1979; "Tema Dei Monkees" and "She Hangs Out" had been issued as singles (in Italy and Canada, respectively) and had been collected on the compilation Monkee Business in 1982; the alternate mix of "Circle Sky" had first appeared on the compilation Monkee Flips in 1984; and "Tear the Top Right Off My Head" had first appeared on the Listen to the Band box set in 1991. The release marks the first time the television edit of the series' opening theme song was made available (not counting the TeeVee Tunes 1987 release, "Television Greatest Hits Volume II", where the theme appeared as track 25 on the CD version). All previous releases of the theme song featured the album version, which is twice as long but lacks the television version's final verse. "Little Red Rider" and "Hollywood" were re-recorded by Michael Nesmith for his solo album Magnetic South.

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