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Which people involved with album by Renée Geyer Moving Along have died?

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Moving Along

album by Renée Geyer

Moving Along

Released 16 May 1977

Genre soul music, funk and disco

About Moving Along

Moving Along (self-titled in the US) is the fourth studio album by Australian soul/R&B singer Renée Geyer, and her first to be recorded in the US and released internationally. It was produced by famed Motown musician Frank Wilson who assembled the cream of US session players to back Geyer. Some notables were members of Stevie Wonder's band including Nathan Watts, Ray Parker Jr., Motown's most famous bass guitarist and Funk Brother James Jamerson, on backing vocals, Venetta Fields, and Mal and Barry from The Renée Geyer Band at Geyer's insistence. For this album, she re-recorded her Australian hit "Heading in the Right Direction" for the US market.

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