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album by Paul Simon

Paul Simon

Release Date 14 Jan 1972
Released49 years ago
Performer Paul Simon
Paul Simon
Paul Simon
Paul Simon paying tribute to music legends Chuck Berry and Leonard Cohen who were the recipients of the first annual Pen Awards for songwriting excellence-at the JFK Presidential Library, Boston, Mass. on Feb. 26, 2012.

About Paul Simon

Paul Simon is the second studio album by American singer-songwriter Paul Simon as a solo artist. It was released in January 1972, nearly two years after he split up with longtime musical partner Art Garfunkel. His first solo album was recorded in England in 1965 but remained unreleased in the U.S. (except for a brief period in 1969) until 1981, when it appeared in the 5-LP Collected Works boxed set. Originally released on Columbia Records, Paul Simon was then issued under the Warner Bros. label and is now back with Columbia through Sony. The album topped the charts in the United Kingdom, Japan and Norway and reached No. 4 on the U.S. Billboard Pop Albums. In 1986 it was certified platinum.

Extra Info

Genre folk rock
Record label Columbia Records
Follows The Paul Simon Songbook
Followed by There Goes Rhymin' Simon