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album by Paul Kelly


Release Date 1985
Released35 years (approx) ago
Performer Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly presents The Merry Soul Sessions Byron Bay Bluesfest, 2015

About Post

Post is the first solo album by Australian singer-songwriter rock musician, Paul Kelly. Kelly had moved to Sydney by January 1985, after leaving his Melbourne-based Paul Kelly Band and the breakup of his marriage to Hilary Brown.The album was produced by Clive Shakespeare (Sherbet guitarist) and Kelly, and was released in May 1985 by the independent White Records label, leased to Mushroom Records. The album failed to chart in Australia, with only one single, "From St Kilda to Kings Cross", released in April which also failed to chart. The name of the album, Post relates to both being 'after' significant changes in Kelly's life and to the sense of a 'signpost' to future directions. Kelly dedicated the album to Paul Hewson, keyboardist and songwriter for New Zealand/Australian band Dragon who had died of a heroin overdose in January. Kelly has described Post as a concept album dealing with addictions - not necessarily heroin addiction - but various forms, he has also denied that the songs were autobiographical but that he wrote about the world around him.

Extra Info

Genre acoustic music
Record label Mushroom Records
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