Living or Dead?

Living or Dead? Find out who's living and who's dead.

Living or Dead? Celebrities, films, tv shows, birthdays, deaths ... your one-stop shop to satisfy your morbid curiosity.

album by Nami Tamaki


Release Date 23 Feb 2011
Released10 years ago
Performer Nami Tamaki
Nami in HK

About Ready!

Ready is the sixth studio album released by Tamaki Nami. The album was released in two version: a CD+DVD Limited Edition and a CD Only Regular Edition. The album collects the single previously released, Missing You: Time To Love. The song "Missing You: Time to Love" is a Japanese remake/cover (or a third version) of the Korean song "TTL (Time to Love)", originally released by T-ara and Supernova, the song features original lyrics and a similar tune to the original version of the song. The song "Good-bye" is a Japanese remake/cover of the Korean song "Bye Bye" of group T-ara, included on first Korean album, Absolute First Album.

Extra Info

Genre disco
Record label Universal Music Group
Follows Step