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album by S.E.S.

Remember (S.E.S. album)

Release Date 2017
Released1 year (approx) ago
Performer S.E.S.
Remember (S.E.S. album)
Remember (S.E.S. album)
Eugene in 2011 Metrocity fashion show.

About Remember (S.E.S. album)

Remember is an album by South Korean girl group S.E.S.. It released on January 2, 2017, by S.M. Entertainment. Having disbanded in December 2002, the group's reunion with the album's release is in honor of the twentieth anniversary of their 1997 album I'm Your Girl. Remember marks the first release of original material by the group since Choose My Life-U in 2002, and first official release since the compilation album Beautiful Songs in 2003.After the release of the buzz single "Love [story]" on November 28, the main singles "Remember" and "Paradise" were released on January 1 and 2, respectively – the latter accompanying the album's release. The record peaked at number 7 on the Gaon Album Chart.

Extra Info

Record label S.M. Entertainment
Follows Beautiful Songs