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compilation album by Selena

Selena - Greatest Hits

Release Date 2003
Released17 years (approx) ago
Performer Selena
Selena - Greatest Hits
Selena - Greatest Hits
Perez performing with a guitar in May 2012.

About Selena - Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits is a collection of most of the English songs by the late American Tejano-pop singer Selena. It contains all of her English songs from her Dreaming of You album, as well as both regularly and posthumously released English songs she had made throughout her career. "Don't Throw Away My Love" is a remix of "My Love". There are two English songs that Selena recorded but did not appear on the album: "Call Me" and "Give Me One More Chance" both from the 1984 Selena y los Dinos album.

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