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album by Paul Kelly

So Much Water So Close to Home

Release Date 1989
Released31 years (approx) ago
Performer Paul Kelly
So Much Water So Close to Home
So Much Water So Close to Home
At the filming of the support clip for the song 'Still Here'

About So Much Water So Close to Home

So Much Water So Close to Home is an album by Australian rock band Paul Kelly and the Messengers and was originally released in August 1989. The title comes from a short story of the same name by author Raymond Carver. Carver died in August 1988. Kelly co-wrote the score for the 2006 Australian film Jindabyne, which was also based on the same story. The entire album was recorded in the U.S. with producer Scott Litt, best known for his work with R.E.M.. It was released on Mushroom/White Records in Australia and A&M Records in the United States. The album peaked at #10 on the ARIA album charts, but none of its singles, "Sweet Guy", "Careless" and "Most Wanted Man in the World" had any Top 40 chart success. All tracks for the album were written by Kelly, who provided vocals, guitar and harmonica and also co-produced with Litt.

Extra Info

Record label Mushroom Records
Follows Under the Sun
Followed by Comedy