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album by Stardust Five

Stardust Five

Release Date 2006
Released14 years (approx) ago
Performer Stardust Five
Stardust Five
Stardust Five
Paul Kelly presents The Merry Soul Sessions Byron Bay Bluesfest, 2015

About Stardust Five

Stardust Five is the self-titled debut album by Stardust Five which was released in 2006. The album was mixed and produced by Tchad Blake (Crowded House, Bernard Fanning). It was released on EMI Music in Australia and Capitol Records in the United States. The first single "Pussy Got Your Tongue" features vocals from Loene Carmen, a singer/songwriter/actress, who has released two solo albums and has collaborated with the likes of the Dirty Three and The Mess Hall. The title of the song was originally the title of a short film by Tania Lacy that was shown at Tropfest in 1997. Lacy also co-wrote the song with the band. Sian Prior who provides additional vocals on "Zoe" and "Los Cucumbros" was also Paul Kelly's then-girlfriend.

Extra Info

Genre surf music
Record label EMI