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Summer in Paradise

Release Date 1992
Released26 years (approx) ago
Performer The Beach Boys
Summer in Paradise
Summer in Paradise
1967 Rickenbacker 360-12 12 string guitar identical to the one played by Carl Wilson in the mid to late 60s. Later models did not have the "toaster top" pickups responsible for the classic jangly sound of these guitars.

About Summer in Paradise

Summer in Paradise is the 27th studio album by American rock band the Beach Boys, released on August 3, 1992 by Brother Records. Produced by Terry Melcher, it is the only album not to feature any new contributions from Brian Wilson. The album has been described as the band's critical and commercial low point, failing to chart in either the US or UK and receiving almost unanimously negative reviews. In North America, it was the group's first album to only be released on CD and Cassette, with only a rare vinyl pressing which was released in South Korea. The Beach Boys did not record another album of original material until That's Why God Made the Radio in 2012. Summer in Paradise was left out of Capitol's Beach Boys CD reissue campaign of 2000 to 2001, as well as all other reissues for most of the group's discography. Both it and its predecessor, Still Cruisin', are currently out of print.

Extra Info

Genre rock music
Producer Terry Melcher
Record label Brother Records
Follows Still Cruisin'
Followed by Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of The Beach Boys