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album by The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Take It from the Man!

Release Date 28 May 1996
Released24 years, 1 month ago
Performer The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Take It from the Man!
Take It from the Man!
Brian Jonestown Massacre 10.21.04 @ Mojo's

About Take It from the Man!

Take It from the Man! is the third studio album by American psychedelic rock band The Brian Jonestown Massacre. After recording their shoegaze-influenced debut album Methodrone (1995) and releasing a collection of early recordings, Spacegirl & Other Favorites, the band took influence from 1960s British garage rock and recorded Take it from the Man! from November 1995–February 1996. After recording the entire album with an unnamed producer who scrapped the recordings, the band re-recorded the album on a minimal budget, mostly at Lifesource Studios in Emeryville, California with production from Psychic TV's Larry Thrasher, whose usual "studio" approach was vetoed out by the band's back-to-basics approach. The album's psychedelic garage rock has often been compared to the Rolling Stones. Released by Bomp! Records on May 28, 1996, it is the first of three full-length albums released by the band in 1996, preceding Their Satanic Majesties' Second Request and Thank God for Mental Illness. The album was released to critical acclaim, with journalists praising the exuding of its influences and spirit. Newcombe has since named the album as one of his favorites by the band. The album has featured in several "best of" lists and has been cited by several musicians as an influence. "Straight Up and Down", which is featured in two alternate versions on the album, later became the theme music for Boardwalk Empire

Extra Info

Record label Bomp! Records
Follows Methodrone
Followed by Their Satanic Majesties' Second Request