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album by Jane's Addiction

The Great Escape Artist

Release Date 18 Oct 2011
Released9 years ago
Performer Jane's Addiction
The Great Escape Artist
The Great Escape Artist
Dave Sitek being interviewed on WNYU in January 2004.

About The Great Escape Artist

The Great Escape Artist is the fourth studio album by American alternative rock band Jane's Addiction, released on October 18, 2011 on Capitol Records. The album is their first since their 2003 release, Strays, and features multi-instrumentalist Dave Sitek contributing bass guitar alongside Chris Chaney. The album's release was preceded by the singles "End to the Lies" which was released as a free download on April 7, 2011, and "Irresistible Force (Met the Immovable Object)" which was released on August 3, 2011. Regarding the album's title, vocalist Perry Farrell states: "I love being able to escape my past, even though my past was great. I just love the future even more." Describing the album's overall aestheic, Farrell has noted: "it's a strange mixture of that post-punk goth darkness that Jane's had, with what's going on today with groups like Muse and Radiohead. As much as I want to appease fans and make old Jane's fans love me, I just can't help myself from moving forward." Following the album's completion, producer Rich Costey stated, "This was a real Jane's Addiction record."

Extra Info

Record label Capitol Records
Follows Strays