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live album by Neko Case

The Tigers Have Spoken

Release Date 2004
Released15 years (approx) ago
Performer Neko Case
The Tigers Have Spoken
The Tigers Have Spoken
Neko Case performing at Forecastle Fest 2012

About The Tigers Have Spoken

The Tigers Have Spoken is a 2004 live album by Neko Case. The album was recorded at several live shows in Chicago and Toronto in the spring of 2004. Neko's backing band featured The Sadies and Jon Rauhouse. Guest performers included Carolyn Mark, Kelly Hogan, Jim & Jennie and the Pinetops, Paul Morstad and Brian Connelly. The album was produced by Case and Darryl Neudorf. The album consists of a combination of Case originals and cover songs such as the Nervous Eaters' "Loretta", The Shangri-Las' "The Train From Kansas City", and Loretta Lynn's "Rated X". It marked a return to the alternative country sound which Case had moved away from after her first two solo albums.

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