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mini-album by Ash


Release Date 18 Oct 1994
Released26 years ago
Performer Ash
Ash in Bangkok,Thailand

About Trailer

Trailer is a mini album by the band Ash featuring their first three singles. An expanded edition also includes 4 b-sides. The album was released in October, 1994 through Infectious Records. The band considered it a "trailer" for their future debut album proper, and named it accordingly. "Uncle Pat" was featured in a Heineken advert, which helped to raise the profile of the band, both in Ireland and Britain. The name refers to movie trailers, so as a visual pun, the cover of the album shows a toppled truck trailer. The 'noise' at the end of the track "Get Out", when reversed, slowed down and the pitch altered, is a low quality demo version of the song "Intense Thing". This track wasn't discovered until June 2006 by 2 fans experimenting around with running different effects through Ash songs. An early rare version of this album was released with a bonus John Peel Sessions 7" with the tracks: Silver Surfer - 2:24 Jazz '59 - 2:06 On 6 June 1995 Trailer was released in the United States.

Extra Info

Record label Infectious Records
Followed by 1977