War Heroes: Living or Dead?

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Which people involved with album by Jimi Hendrix War Heroes have died?

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War Heroes

album by Jimi Hendrix

War Heroes

About War Heroes

War Heroes is a compilation album by American guitarist Jimi Hendrix, released on October 1 and December 1972 in the UK and the US, respectively. It was engineered, mixed and compiled by Eddie Kramer and John Jansen. Though Hendrix produced many of the songs, he was not credited for such. War Heroes contains the three remaining tracks featured on First Rays of the New Rising Sun which were not included on The Cry of Love or Rainbow Bridge: "Stepping Stone", "Izabella" and "Beginnings" (listed as "Beginning"). The album reached #23 in the UK Albums Chart and #48 on the US Billboard 200. According to the book Setting The Record Straight by John McDermott with Eddie Kramer, The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice was considered for this release but was pulled by Mike Jeffery to enhance the next posthumous release, Loose Ends. Instead, tracks like "3 Little Bears" and "Peter Gunn Catastrophe" were used.