Higher Brothers: Living or Dead?

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Which people involved with Chinese hip-hop band Higher Brothers have died?

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Higher Brothers

Chinese hip-hop band

Higher Brothers

Twitter username higherbrothers
Location of formation Chengdu

About Higher Brothers

Higher Brothers are a Chinese hip-hop group from Chengdu consisting of four members: MaSiWei (马思唯 Siwei Ma), DZknow (丁震 Zhen Ding), Psy.P (杨俊逸 Junyi Yang), and Melo (谢宇杰 Yujie Xie). They are signed with the record label 88rising, whose roster of artists includes Asian and Asian-American artists. The group is known for their songs in Standard Mandarin and Sichuanese, such as "Made in China", "Black Cab" and "WeChat". Higher Brothers are notable as a high-profile rap group that has largely avoided Chinese government censorship while gaining popularity in the West, making them the first Chinese rap act to garner international success.

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