Pro Era: Living or Dead?

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Which people involved with American hip hop collective Pro Era have died?

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Pro Era

American hip hop collective

Pro Era

Formed 2009

Genre hip hop
Members Joey BadA$$, Capital Steez, CJ Fly and Kirk Knight
Twitter username PROERA and thefckingera
Location of formation New York City and Brooklyn

About Pro Era

Pro Era (short for The Progressive Era) is an American hip hop collective group from Brooklyn, New York. The group is a collective of rappers and record producers that includes east coast rappers Joey Badass, CJ Fly, Kirk Knight, Nyck Caution, Dyemond Lewis, Aaron Rose, Dessy Hinds, Dirty Sanchez, Rokamouth, J.A.B. and Jakk the Rhymer, along with producers Chuck Strangers and Powers Pleasant. The collective was formed in 2011 by Capital STEEZ and Powers Pleasant, with Joey Badass and CJ Fly among its founding members.

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