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Jamaican ska band

The Skatalites

The Skatalites
The Skatalites
The Skatalites at Njoki Summer Festival, Ajdovščina, Slovenia. From left to right: Lloyd Knibb (drums), Devon James (guitar), Lester "Ska" Sterling (alto sax), Val Douglas (bass), Karl "Cannonball" Bryan (tenor sax), Kevin Batchelor (trumpet) & Vin "Don Drummond Jr." Gordon. (trombone). Doreen Schaffer isn't present on stage, and Ken Stewart (keyboards) is behind a loudspeaker on the left.

About The Skatalites

The Skatalites are a ska band from Jamaica. They played initially between 1963 and 1965, and recorded many of their best known songs in the period, including "Guns of Navarone." They also played on records by Prince Buster and backed many other Jamaican artists who recorded during that period, including Bob Marley & The Wailers, on their first single Simmer Down. They reformed in 1983 and have played together ever since.