Tokyo Jihen: Living or Dead?

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Which people involved with band Tokyo Jihen have died?

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Tokyo Jihen


Tokyo Jihen

Formed 2004

Genre pop music, smooth jazz and rock music
Members Ringo Sheena, Seiji Kameda, Ryosuke Nagaoka, Toshiki Hata, Ichiyo Izawa, Masayuki Hiizumi and Mikio Hirama
Location of formation Japan

About Tokyo Jihen

Tokyo Jihen (東京事変, Tōkyō Jihen), also known as Tokyo Incidents, is a Japanese rock band formed by Ringo Sheena, after leaving her solo career. The band's debut single "Gunjō Biyori" was released in September 2004, and they ended activities in February 2012. The band sold 2.3 million albums, singles, and DVDs. The band reunited and released a new single on January 1, 2020.

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