A Knight's Tale: Living or Dead?

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Which cast and crew of 2001 film by Brian Helgeland A Knight's Tale are living and who are dead?

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A Knight's Tale

2001 film by Brian Helgeland

A Knight's Tale

Released 8 March 2001 (22 years, 1 months ago)

Director Brian Helgeland
Duration 132 minutes
Cost $41,000,000
Box office $117,000,000
Genre action film, comedy film, romance film and adventure film
Nominated for MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Female Performance and MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss
Composer Carter Burwell
Production company Escape Artists and Columbia Pictures
Country of origin United States of America
Screenwriter Brian Helgeland
Producer Brian Helgeland

About A Knight's Tale

A Knight's Tale, directed by Brian Helgeland, is a rousing and entertaining medieval adventure that blends modern rock music with classic jousting tournaments. Starring the late Heath Ledger as William Thatcher, a peasant who poses as a nobleman to compete in tournaments, the film is a charming and fun-filled romp that never takes itself too seriously.

Ledger's performance is magnetic, and he is ably supported by a talented cast that includes Mark Addy, Paul Bettany, and Alan Tudyk. The film's soundtrack, which features classic rock songs by artists like Queen and David Bowie, adds to the film's energetic and irreverent tone.

While the film takes some liberties with historical accuracy, it is a joyous celebration of the spirit of adventure and the power of dreams. A Knight's Tale is a film that will leave you cheering and tapping your feet, and it remains a beloved cult classic to this day.


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