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Which cast and crew of 1952 film by Alessandro Blasetti Altri tempi are living and who are dead?

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Altri tempi

1952 film by Alessandro Blasetti

Altri tempi

Released 1952 (70 years, 2 months ago)

About Altri tempi

In Olden Days (Italian: Altri tempi, also known as Times Gone By and Infidelity) is a 1952 Italian anthology comedy-drama film.

Cast and crew

Cast and crew listed below. See if you can find out who is who from the stats below.


98 years, 12 days


47 years, 10 months,

Born first

16 June 1873

Died first

2 January 1955

Born last

15 November 1939

Died last

11 October 2021

Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida

Gina Lollobrigida

Italian actress

Italian actress Marisa Merlini

Marisa Merlini

Italian actress

Italian film director Vittorio De Sica

Vittorio De Sica

Italian film director

actor Arnoldo Foà

Arnoldo Foà


Italian actress Anna Maria Bugliari

Anna Maria Bugliari

Italian actress

Italian actor and cinema and theatre director Aldo Fabrizi

Aldo Fabrizi

Italian actor and cinema and theatre director

Italian actor Amedeo Nazzari

Amedeo Nazzari

Italian actor

actor Paolo Stoppa

Paolo Stoppa


Italian film actor, director, playwright, scene designer and illustrator Sergio Tofano

Sergio Tofano

Italian film actor, director, playwright, scene designer and illustrator

actor Enzo Cerusico

Enzo Cerusico


Ballet dancer and actor Alba Arnova

Alba Arnova

Ballet dancer and actor

Italian actor, voice actor and director Guido Celano

Guido Celano

Italian actor, voice actor and director

Italian film actor Andrea Checchi

Andrea Checchi

Italian film actor

Italian actor Galeazzo Benti

Galeazzo Benti

Italian actor

Italian actor Pietro Tordi

Pietro Tordi

Italian actor

actor Folco Lulli

Folco Lulli


actress Jone Morino

Jone Morino


actor Mario Riva

Mario Riva


Italian actor Gabriele Tinti

Gabriele Tinti

Italian actor

Italian actor and voice actor  Elio Pandolfi

Elio Pandolfi

Italian actor and voice actor

Italian actor Dante Maggio

Dante Maggio

Italian actor

Italian actor Ugo Sasso

Ugo Sasso

Italian actor

Italian actress and writer Goliarda Sapienza

Goliarda Sapienza

Italian actress and writer

Italian actor and journalist Carlo Mazzarella

Carlo Mazzarella

Italian actor and journalist

actress Rina Morelli

Rina Morelli


Italian actor Umberto Sacripante

Umberto Sacripante

Italian actor

actor Turi Pandolfini

Turi Pandolfini


actor Giovanni Grasso

Giovanni Grasso


actor, film director, screenwriter Vittorio Caprioli

Vittorio Caprioli

actor, film director, screenwriter

Italian actor Alfredo Rizzo

Alfredo Rizzo

Italian actor

actor Silvio Bagolini

Silvio Bagolini


Italian photographer and actor Arturo Bragaglia

Arturo Bragaglia

Italian photographer and actor

actor Alfredo Martinelli

Alfredo Martinelli


Italian actress Dina Perbellini

Dina Perbellini

Italian actress

Italian actor Enzo Staiola

Enzo Staiola

Italian actor

actress Elena Altieri

Elena Altieri


actress Elisa Cegani

Elisa Cegani


Italian actress Liana Del Balzo

Liana Del Balzo

Italian actress

Italian actor Bruno Corelli

Bruno Corelli

Italian actor

actor Roldano Lupi

Roldano Lupi


Italian actress Olga Vittoria Gentilli

Olga Vittoria Gentilli

Italian actress

Italian actress Pina Piovani

Pina Piovani

Italian actress

Italian actor Oscar Andriani

Oscar Andriani

Italian actor

Italian actor Alberto Sorrentino

Alberto Sorrentino

Italian actor

actor Luigi Cimara

Luigi Cimara


actress Pina Renzi

Pina Renzi


Italian actress Amina Pirani Maggi

Amina Pirani Maggi

Italian actress

Italian actress Anna Carena

Anna Carena

Italian actress

Italian actress Amalia Pellegrini

Amalia Pellegrini

Italian actress

Italian actor Vittorio Vaser

Vittorio Vaser

Italian actor

actor Alberto Talegalli

Alberto Talegalli


Swedish actor Barbara Florian

Barbara Florian

Swedish actor

actor Antonio Acqua

Antonio Acqua