2001 film by James Merendino


Release date 2001
Released16 years (approx) ago

About Amerikana

Amerikana is a 2001 Dogme 95 movie. When philosophy student Peter (Goorjian) is abandoned by his Danish girlfriend in Los Angeles, his friend Chris (Duval) invites him to South Dakota to claim a Harley Davidson he has inherited from an uncle. After he finds out it is an Italian Vespa, Chris decides to take it to L.A. anyway with a reluctant Peter, and they embark on a cross-country journey that allows them to explore the US and discover the nature of people and their own contradictions. A sort of free homage-remake of Easy Rider (1969), it was the 13th film created under Dogme 95 rules.

Cast and crew

The following people were involved in the making of Amerikana: