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Which cast and crew of 1930 film by Clarence Brown in English Anna Christie are living and who are dead?

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Anna Christie

1930 film by Clarence Brown in English

Anna Christie

Released 1930 (92 years, 9 months ago)

Director Clarence Brown
Duration 74 minutes
Genre romance film and drama film
Nominated for Academy Award for Best Actress, Academy Award for Best Director and Academy Award for Best Cinematography
Composer William Axt
Production company Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Country of origin United States of America
Screenwriter Frances Marion
Producer Paul Bern, Irving Thalberg and Clarence Brown

About Anna Christie

Anna Christie, the 1930 film adaptation of Eugene O'Neill's play, is a gripping tale of love, redemption, and the struggle to overcome one's past. Directed by Clarence Brown and starring Greta Garbo in the titular role, the film tells the story of a former prostitute who tries to start a new life with her estranged father, only to be confronted by her troubled past.

Garbo delivers a powerful performance as Anna, capturing the character's vulnerability and strength with equal skill. Her chemistry with co-star Charles Bickford, who plays her love interest, is palpable, and their scenes together are some of the film's most memorable.

The film's themes of forgiveness and redemption are timeless, and its exploration of the complexities of human relationships still resonates today. Anna Christie is a must-see for fans of classic cinema and anyone interested in exploring the depths of the human experience.


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Cast and crew

Cast and crew listed below. See if you can find out who is who from the stats below.


84 years, 7 months, 20 days


59 years, 10 months, 22 days

Born first

9 November 1868

Died first

28 July 1934

Born last

18 September 1905

Died last

15 April 1990

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