Assassins: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of 1995 film by Richard Donner Assassins have died?

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1995 film by Richard Donner


Release date 1995
Released25 years (approx) ago
Duration 127 minutes
Sylvester Stallone attend the German premiere of the film "The Expendables 3" at Residenz cinema on August 6, 2014 in Cologne, Germany.

About Assassins

Assassins is a 1995 American action thriller film directed by Richard Donner. The screenplay was by Andy and Larry Wachowski and Brian Helgeland. The film stars Sylvester Stallone, Antonio Banderas and Julianne Moore. The Wachowskis stated that their script was "totally rewritten" by Helgeland, and that they tried to remove their names from the film but failed.