1956 film by John Farrow

Back from Eternity

Release date 1956
Released61 years (approx) ago
Duration 97 minutes
Back from Eternity
Back from Eternity
Rod Steiger in Back From Eternity from the trailer for the film.

About Back from Eternity

Back from Eternity is a 1956 drama film about a planeload of people stranded in the South American jungle and subsequently menaced by headhunters. It is a remake of an earlier 1939 film, Five Came Back, starred Chester Morris, and Lucille Ball, also directed and produced by John Farrow. Richard Carroll, who is credited with writing the story for Back from Eternity, wrote the original story for Five Came Back. Robert Ryan, Rod Steiger, Anita Ekberg, and Gene Barry star in the later remake.