Baldevins bryllup: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of 1926 Swedish-Norwegian film Baldevins bryllup have died?

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1926 Swedish-Norwegian film

Baldevins bryllup

Release date 22 Nov 1926
Released94 years ago
Duration 104 minutes

About Baldevins bryllup

Baldevins bryllup (English: Baldevin's wedding) is a 1926 Norwegian comedy film directed by George Schnéevoigt, starring Einar Sissener and Victor Bernau. The film is based on a play by Vilhelm Krag, and tells the story of how Simen Sørensen (Bernau) manages to get his friend Baldevin Jonassen (Sissener) married to the lady next door. The film was renovated in 2006, for the 100-years anniversary of Kristiansand Cinema.