Bewakoofian: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of 2014 film by Nupur Asthana Bewakoofian have died?

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2014 film by Nupur Asthana


Release date 14 Mar 2014
Released5 years, 2 months ago
Anil Kapoor with his daughter Sonam Kapoor at the special screening of 'Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol' at Mumbai in December 2011.

About Bewakoofian

Bewakoofiyaan (English: Stupidities) is a 2014 Indian romantic comedy film directed by Nupur Asthana, written by Habib Faisal and produced by Aditya Chopra under the banner of Yash Raj Films. It features Ayushmann Khurrana, Sonam Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor in lead roles. The film released on 14 March 2014.

Cast and crew

The following people were involved in the making of Bewakoofian: