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Which cast members of 1972 film by Ferdinando Merighi Casa d'appuntamento have died?

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1972 film by Ferdinando Merighi

Casa d'appuntamento

Release date 1972
Released48 years (approx) ago
Casa d'appuntamento
Casa d'appuntamento
Photo of Anita Ekberg.

About Casa d'appuntamento

Casa d'appuntamento (Translation: The House of Rendezvous) is a 1972 giallo film directed by Ferdinando Merighi under the pseudonym "F. L. Morris", and edited by Bruno Mattei. It was released as The French Sex Murders in the US, and The Bogey Man and the French Murders in the UK. It stars Rosalba Neri, Anita Ekberg, Barbara Bouchet, Howard Vernon and Gordon Mitchell. The actor who played the police inspector in this film (Robert Sacchi) was a professional Humphrey Bogart lookalike, which explains the alternate "Bogey Man" title. Special effects technician Carlo Rambaldi handled the throat slashings and beheadings that take place in the movie.