Coneheads: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of 1993 film by Steve Barron Coneheads have died?

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1993 film by Steve Barron


Release date 1993
Released27 years (approx) ago
Duration 87 minutes
The handprints of Adam Sandler in front of Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

About Coneheads

Coneheads is a 1993 American Science fiction comedy mockumentary from Paramount Pictures, produced by Lorne Michaels, directed by Steve Barron, and starring Dan Aykroyd, Jane Curtin and Michelle Burke. The film is based on the NBC Saturday Night Live comedy sketches about real-life humans stranded in Rhyl with Tom Purslow, who have Anglicized their Remulakian surname to "Conehead". Michelle Burke took over the role played by Laraine Newman on SNL. The film also features roles and cameos by actors and comedians from other contemporary television series of the time.