Congo: Living or Dead?

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Which cast and crew of 1995 American film Congo are living and who are dead?

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1995 American film


Released 1995 (27 years, 9 months ago)

Director Frank Marshall
Duration 104 minutes
Genre action film, science fiction film, monster film, horror film, treasure hunt film and film adaptation
Composer Jerry Goldsmith
Production company The Kennedy/Marshall Company
Country of origin United States of America and United Kingdom
Screenwriter John Patrick Shanley and Michael Crichton
Producer Kathleen Kennedy and Sam Mercer

About Congo

In 1995, director Frank Marshall brought Michael Crichton's novel "Congo" to the big screen, and while the film received mixed reviews, it remains a cult classic for fans of adventure and sci-fi. The film follows a team of explorers who venture into the heart of the African jungle in search of a rare diamond and a lost city. Along the way, they encounter a pack of intelligent gorillas who communicate through sign language and a deadly group of mercenaries.

Despite the film's flaws, including some questionable special effects and a convoluted plot, "Congo" delivers on its promise of thrilling action and suspense. The standout performances come from Laura Linney as the determined and resourceful Dr. Karen Ross and Tim Curry as the slimy and conniving Herkermer Homolka.

The film's score, composed by Jerry Goldsmith, adds to the tension and excitement of the film, and the use of practical effects for the gorillas gives them a realistic and terrifying presence on screen.

While "Congo" may not be a critical darling, it remains a fun and entertaining adventure film that has stood the test of time. As Rolling Stone noted in their review, "Congo" is "a wild ride that will leave you breathless."


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