Court Waltzes: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of 1933 film by Ludwig Berger Court Waltzes have died?

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1933 film by Ludwig Berger

Court Waltzes

Release date 1933
Released87 years (approx) ago
Court Waltzes
Court Waltzes
Fernand Gravey en 1931. Revue "Pour vous" n°131 du 21 mai 1931

About Court Waltzes

Court Waltzes (French title:La guerre des valses) is a 1933 musical film directed by Ludwig Berger and Raoul Ploquin and starring Fernand Gravey, Armand Dranem and Madeleine Ozeray. It was the French-language version of Waltz War, made by the German studio UFA and also directed by Berger. In the early years of sound it was common to shoot completely separate versions of films in different languages before dubbing became more established. It was part of a trend of operetta films released during the decade.