DaVinci's War: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of 1993 film by Raymond Martino DaVinci's War have died?

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1993 film by Raymond Martino

DaVinci's War

Release date 1993
Released25 years (approx) ago
DaVinci's War
DaVinci's War
Branscombe Richmond at the 2011 Halloween Celebrations in Lahaina, Maui.

About DaVinci's War

Da Vinci's War is a 1993 direct to video action thriller film directed by Raymond Martino. The film was produced by and stars Joey Travolta. It also star Michael Nouri, best known for his role in Flashdance. The film's narrative revolves around former Vietnam War veteran Frank DaVinci (Travolta) attempting to find his sister and brother in law's killer with assistance from his fellow veterans and assassin China Smith (Nouri) only to become entangled in a trap concocted by corrupt CIA operatives. James Russo, Branscombe Richmond and Vanity appear in supporting roles. Brian Robbins also stars.