Diggstown: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of 1992 film by Michael Ritchie Diggstown have died?

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1992 film by Michael Ritchie


Release date 1992
Released28 years (approx) ago
Duration 98 minutes
Marshall Bell (Tulsa (Oklahoma), 28 september 1942) is een Amerikaanse acteur die in diverse films en televisieseries heeft gespeeld. -- Signeersessie tijdens de conventie "Moviedays" op 28 en 29 november 2009 in Braunsweig, Duitsland.

About Diggstown

Diggstown (known as Midnight Sting in the UK), is a 1992 American sports comedy-drama film directed by Michael Ritchie and written by Steven McKay, based on the 1978 novel The Diggstown Ringers by Leonard Wise. It stars James Woods, Louis Gossett Jr., Bruce Dern, Heather Graham, Oliver Platt and Randall "Tex" Cobb.