G-Force: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of 2009 film produced by Walt Disney Pictures G-Force have died?

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2009 film produced by Walt Disney Pictures


Release date 1 May 2009
Released12 years, 4 months ago
Duration 88 minutes
Jerry Bruckheimer at a ceremony to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

About G-Force

G-Force is a 2009 American family comedy adventure film produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films. Written by Cormac Wibberley and Marianne Wibberley and directed by Hoyt Yeatman, the film is the directorial debut of Hoyt Yeatman, whose earlier work includes contributions in the area of visual effects. It was released in the United States on July 24, 2009. G-Force is based on a story also by Hoyt Yeatman. The film was shown in competing 3-D technologies like Dolby 3D. This is also Jerry Bruckheimer's first 3-D film. The movie stars Zach Galifianakis, Bill Nighy, and Will Arnett and it features the voices of Sam Rockwell, Tracy Morgan, Penélope Cruz, Nicolas Cage, Steve Buscemi, and Jon Favreau. The film received generally negative reviews, with critics praising its action, but criticizing its plot and character development and it earned $292.8 million on a $150 million budget.