Galileo: Living or Dead?

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Which cast and crew of 1975 film by Joseph Losey Galileo are living and who are dead?

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1975 film by Joseph Losey


Released 1975 (47 years, 3 months ago)

Director Joseph Losey
Composer Hanns Eisler
Country of origin United Kingdom
Screenwriter Joseph Losey
Producer Ely Landau

About Galileo

Galileo, the 1975 film directed by Liliana Cavani, is a cinematic masterpiece that explores the life and work of the famous Italian astronomer and physicist. Starring the legendary actor and director, Bertolt Brecht, in the titular role, the film is a powerful and thought-provoking meditation on science, religion, and the human condition.

Set in the 17th century, Galileo follows the life of the eponymous scientist as he struggles to reconcile his revolutionary discoveries with the dogmatic beliefs of the Catholic Church. Through a series of flashbacks and dramatic reenactments, the film explores Galileo's groundbreaking work in astronomy, his conflicts with the Church, and his eventual recantation of his theories under pressure from the Inquisition.

With its stunning cinematography, powerful performances, and thought-provoking themes, Galileo is a must-see film for anyone interested in the history of science, religion, and the human spirit. As Rolling Stone magazine notes, "Galileo is a film that challenges our assumptions about the world and our place in it, and reminds us of the power of human curiosity and the importance of intellectual freedom."


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